The Tesla Model S 100D’ll go even further with their batteries

Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Motors continues to evolve its products continuously. On an aesthetic level does not usually make any big changes (except for the restyling of the Model S), because their designs are very good, but on a technical level it is a rare day that we don’t have news of the inclusion of some improvement. Among the most normal are those related to the batteries of their cars outstanding among which are the enlargement of the autonomy and / or improvement of the performance pure.

The Model S earns a new version called 100D and that with respect to the previous P100D gains in autonomy, although it maintains the same battery of 100 kWh. The reason is simple that the the engine power goes only to the rear axle, and hence the need of power is lower. In this case also maintains the traction AWD but instead of them being available with the two engines now is smart; kicking in when it really is necessary.

Tesla Model S interior

The P100D has a range of 507 miles according to the cycle of approval of the EPA and carried out from a standing start 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 2.5 seconds. However the new 100D manages to improve (even by a little bit) these records. Now the saloon has large Tesla has a range between recharges of 539 kilometers and is able to cover the same zero to one hundred in one tenth of a second less.

As we all imagine, this new update, the Model S comes to to demonstrate to the public that they are the pioneers in regards to electric vehicles of long range. In this way dismayed the ghosts of Faraday’s Future, and to put value on which the signature of Silicon Valley is actually and still they dream that may or may not become a reality in the market.

in Addition, already have warned that this update will not come only to the Model S but also will be extended to the Model X although with a range of 475 km according to the cycle of approval of the EPA. If this looks good, imagine how should be the Model 3.

Source – Tesla Motors Inc

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