The Tesla Model S 60 will be, again, the version of access to the saloon-electric


Come again Tesla Model S battery pack 60 kWh capacity. The manufacturer of electric vehicles has decided to relaunch the model that once disappeared in favor of a version of 70 kWh. Now, the new Tesla Model S 60 is more affordable than ever as it has a starting price of $ 66,000, us $ 4,000 more economical than the Model S 60 original, 2012.

According to the note of prey, this new model is the answer provided by the company to the proposal of numerous customers for purchasing the sedan to a lower price. So far, the range of the Model S started with versions of 70 kWh at a price of $ 70,000.

The new Tesla Model S 60, the most economic of all it has an electric propulsion system with engine simple 320 HP and 440 Nm of maximum torque mated to the rear axle. This variant is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds and go until 338 km with a single charge of its batteries.


If we opt for the Tesla Model S 60D we find a vehicle, something more powerful, 333 HP and 525 Nm of maximum torque, faster, 0 to 100 km/h in 5,2 seconds, with greater autonomy, up to 351 km, and all-wheel-drive provided by the installation of engines on each axle of the vehicle. Its price amounts to 71,000 dollars.

That it is the most affordable model does not mean that it is the ugly duckling of the family. will Receive the same treatment that the rest of the range Model S in which include online updates of your software and the use of the supercargadores for free. You can also equip the controversial programs of acceleration absurd “Ludicrous Mode”, and the software driving autonomous “Auto Pilot“.

Elon Musk has taken advantage of the washing of face of the Tesla Model S to return to bring these variants are more economical but have not wanted to limit their owners. If at any time they decide that they need more freedom, there is the possibility to upgrade the model without leaving your home, for the bargain price of $ 9,000, to use batteries of 75 kWh of capacity with which to increase the autonomy up to the S-60 and S60D until the 400 km and 417 km respectively.


¿What is the trick? Simply all the Model S 60 and S 60D equipped in reality batteries of 75 kWh of capacity but limited by software to the above-mentioned 60 kWh. We do not be the slightest doubt that the hackers will already be thinking of how to unlock these 15 kWh of extra capacity.