The Tesla Model S chrome-plated, which reflects absolutely everything

Tesla Model S cromadoIn ActualidadMotor we bring to you, from time to time, some of the preparations of cars world’s most spectacular. From cars that change slightly its aesthetics, but much of their implementation dynamics and its mechanical performance up to eye-catching kits of body with multiple air intakes, huge ailerons, and a good number of exhaust outlets. But the protagonist of today is a very different car.

it is also Not the first time that we show a kit aesthetic whose main asset is his painting. In this case he has called us, and much, attention to this Tesla Model S and its particular painting chrome. Our protagonist has been modified by the company Office-K and its owner will not be able to say that you have a regular car, in the lot, little eye-catching.

While just a few days ago I had the company of Elon Musk broadened their barriers thanks to some new batteries that did win power and extend its range of autonomy both in the Tesla Model S the Model X, today we speak of this particular drive of the Model S. And that is not everything is in the spectacular coat of external paint.

Tesla Model S cromadoin Addition to the chrome exterior, the preparer japanese has decided to make it slightly more special and more dynamic. Office-K has not wanted to modify the part propulsion of the vehicle electrical that is more giving that talk in the last few years, but has decided to incorporate a body kit Artisans Spirit that “makes you fat” lines of the elegant saloon.

on the other hand, and to increase the sportiness of the Model S, this unit has a suspensions sports that reduce the free height to the soil and improve its cornering, as well as a new wheels Forgiato 22-inch with a spectacular design and a rubber low profile.

In short; if you’re looking for an electric car with a large range of autonomy and a good performance in addition to the colours chrome-plated for draw attention wherever you go, consultation with the coach, will make you sparkle.

Tesla Model S cromado

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