The Tesla Model S hides two rainbow inside What you know?

Under the facade of sportiness, elegance and luxury of the Tesla Model S hide two bright rainbows. Vehicles of Elon Musk are a display of design and technology but also hidden inside several easter eggs to raise a smile to the owners that the find. Some weeks ago the own Musk we unveiled one of them:

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So after the software update, the saloon owners were able to verify that after pressing four times the quoted button, the road that appears in the graphics of the autopilot becomes in a way a rainbow as a tribute to the well-known video game Mario Kart, which would reserve this type of asphalt for the circuit more difficult where you get out of the way meant falling into a hole, losing valuable time on the track until it was towed again.

however, the eccentric CEO of Tesla, gave clues about the introduction of other rainbow coming in your vehicle. Several users have found and posted on social networks for all to see and pass to the other owners can get to know him. Make the light system load emit all the colors consecutively, creating a rainbow.

One of them said they found this easter egg for pure chance. Pressed the button of the charger many times in a row, in reality you only need ten, in a short span of time and the light ceased to be the of always to become “crazy” by issuing numerous colors in a row. At the beginning he believed that it was a bug of the vehicle, a fault in the programming or something by the style, until he realized that was configured so intentionally by the engineers of Tesla.

In this case, the easter egg is found both in the Tesla Model S and new Model X and surely also find it in the upcoming Model 3. It is clear that vehicles Tesla hide secrets in its interior and many of them will be as fun as these.