The Tesla Model S is dressed racing for the championship, “Electric GT”

Tesla Model S Electric GTThe future of our cars seems to go directly and all rush towards the mobility 100 % electric. In many aspects the competition helps to improve the production cars, which reflected the technology used by the vehicles of the great prizes in our conventional vehicles, even in the most economic.

And as they relate to competition and electric mobility, I remind you that Formula E is considered to be the premier category of electric vehicles, that is to say, the Formula 1 electric. Another new competition from electric vehicles is the “Eletric GT”. It will compete, in principle, only models Tesla Model S, and is that an electric car does not have to interact with a slow moving vehicle. In fact, the Tesla is able to outrun many supercars in acceleration.

Tesla Model S Electric GTunlike the Formula E, in the Electric GT all used vehicles are passenger cars and non-cars, so that the viewer can make a more realistic picture of where we could get an electric vehicle, and in this case they are vehicles-derived series and not prototypes in that it starts from zero. The idea of this championship is similar to Formula E, that is to say, a few 10 teams and two cars per team.

The model used is the Tesla Model S P85 and, although there are larger versions of the sedan Elon Musk, has preferred to use the variant P85 by having rear wheel drive, which is more fun in the circuit and less complex at the time of commissioning. All the mechanical part remains unchanged in the Electric GT, like the batteries, being able to only modify brakes, suspension, cooling, wheels, and aerodynamics. Even the large touch screen in the center console is maintained.

in Addition, there will be Spanish presence in the competition; we do not know if at the level of pilots, but yes in terms of the organizers, since the experienced pilot Agustín Payá will be the technical director of this competition that awaits its inauguration in the season 2017. It is possible to share more than one scenario with the above-mentioned Formula E.

Source – Motor1