The Tesla Model S is put to the day

Tesla Motors today presented the update of half of life of the Model S. Arrives with exterior improvements and the equipment, with a front inspired by the Model X and Model 3.

Tesla-Model-S-2017-1 barely a few days after the debut of the unreleased Model 3, a car that has already been transformed into a veritable furor of sales, with hundreds of thousands of units booked in just one week, Tesla Motors spread today the first details and official information of the renewed Model S.

The new Tesla Model S win win a new exterior image, that puts the day to face the last stage in the commercial life of the current generation entered the market in 2012, before the arrival of their generational shift.

Highlights the new front that leaves behind the big grill, to give way to a thin grill, that just leaves room to integrate in its centre the emblem of the brand. In addition, renewed bumper, with a few posts of air something more large, while the new optical groups, now make up headlights Full LED adaptive.

Tesla-Model-S-2017-2These exterior changes, resemble their image to the Model X, as well as the recently presented Model 3. In the interior, were enhanced finishing options, adding two new alternatives called Ash Wood and Dark Ash Wood. Another of the novelties is related to the equipment, since the refreshed Model S incorporates the air filtration system which was already available in the Model X and that according to the brand is capable of removing 99.97% of particulate pollutants.

Its endowment includes heated front seats, keyless access, and a system of information and entertainment with 17-inch screen, rain sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, camera of backward and integrated navigation system.