The Tesla Model S P100D still destroying cronos racing Drag

Tesla Model S on road

For those who don’t know, the racing of drag are those acceleration testing that are made in a straight line starting from standing and lunging once the traffic light turns green. A test of drag does not say if a car is more agile, more dynamic or faster, but it makes us partially see the potential and delivery of energy of its propellant, and even at the fastest it will also influence the aerodynamics.

Since its launch, the Tesla Model S is one of the sedans four-door fastest on the planet in full acceleration, leaving behind rivals such as the very Porsche Panamera or Cadillac CTS-V. the last few months the Tesla Model S P100D was named as the production car with four-doors the world’s fastest after a race at the quarter mile 10,76 seconds, entering the finish line almost 197 km/h. But it has already been improved.


As we have seen in the video above, the Tesla Model S, which competes against the Cadillac CTS-V makes the motor heat is at the height of bitumen, and that that is not exactly a slow car in acceleration. This Model S that we see in the race is a P100D with the Ludicrous Plus, so we are talking about a power of a whopping 781 HP, which is said soon. Thus, the time recorded by this unit into the drag race is 10,72 seconds, improving in 0.04 seconds the previous record, and entering goal to 193 km/h.

Elon Musk made some statements recently in which he affirmed that this version could do the quarter mile in 10,6 seconds with its latest update. It would not be surprising, but to reach it you probably have to give some conditions of asphalt and temperature perfect. In any case, we are not surprise to see you very shortly, even more taking into account how to speed up this Tesla Model S in wet ground.

Source – DragTimes

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