The Tesla Model X call to review the third row of seats

Tesla Model XThe past year was presented to the Tesla Model X, the new SUV electric brand that has a capacity for seven passengers. It is precisely this aspect that has led to a call to review. This is due to a failure in the third row of seats that would affect all vehicles manufactured before 26 march 2016. It is estimated that in total are about 2,700 units and that all of them are in the united States.

As has been said by the manufacturer, the seats passed 15 tests in north America, but a problem has been detected in the number 16, for the deliveries in the european market. Apparently, in case of accident the third row could move and cause damage. Luckily, there has not been any problem for the moment, and Tesla claims that are due to a failure in the manufacturing and not a problem of the design of the vehicle.

Tesla Model XIn the letter sent to customers said: “The restraint (headrest), that is supplied by an external supplier, it is the hinge that allows the third row of seats fold forward and if it moved during an accident, the seat could move forward.” It is expected that this does not cause a large economic impact to Tesla, that has recommended not to use the third row for the transport of persons until the fault has been corrected.

it Is expected that 2,700 units of Tesla Model X affected to be arranged in the next five weeks. Customers will have to take your vehicle to an official centre, and will be repaired in a approximate time of two hours. Remember that the SUV’s electric is sold in a roll rather limited and that it has nothing to do with the unprecedented success that took the Tesla Model 3 at launch.

Source – The Verge