The Tesla Model X celebrates christmas with a new “easter egg”


Currently Tesla is the signature auto electrical more mark the difference (and one of the highest in the sector of the four wheels) by a vission and philosophies very different to the rest of the competitors in the picture. One of them is the “easter eggs”.

Originally known as easter eggs, deal small add-ons and hidden extras that the signature of Elon Musk incorporates some updates his models, and that was not originally communicated to its users (as if you do with the software enhancements, navigation, driving, autonomous, etc)

In some cases, these surprises hidden are given in the form of lighting, rainbow and others, as the us today, they acquire an aspect almost of pyromusical in the Model X.

Music (Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra), light optical and intermittent and choreography of their front doors and rear gull wings are the protagonists of this christmas greetings of the SUV electric own Elon Musk has wanted to share on twitter.

To activate it (if you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a Tesla Model X), only you have that press the logo of the T, write “holidays” or “ModelXmas” out of the car and enjoy.