The Tesla Model X offers a solution to your problem with the windshield

Tesla Model X parabrisas Tesla Model X is the SUV power in the american was surprised since its launch by several factors. One of them is undoubtedly its huge panorama windshield, the highest position in a production car according to them. The result, aesthetically speaking is pleasant and gives an image of greater amplitude with a room with more light. Although some customers have noticed that also there is a negative part.

despite the fact that the upper portion of the large windshield is slightly obscured from the rear view mirror until the end, still let a lot of light and gives some problems drivers. Some have already complained of reflections, glare, and even “double vision” in some situations. The response of Tesla has not been made to wait and through an email to has offered a solution to their customers.

Tesla Model X parabrisasThe brand will send a lens hood specific for this area to all those who are interested. Of course, it will do so totally free. Although to the naked eye it may seem a remedy, something simple can also be effective, since the hood is blocked two-thirds of the light and the heat that arrive to the windshield. You will also have the advantage of being able to be used when the owner consider.

the installation of The hood for the Tesla Model X is very simple thanks to the use of a few clips. Is fixed at the height of the rear-view mirror, as we see in the image, and as we said, may be removed at any time and stored in a bag. It seems that this problem with the windshield of the electric crossover will be partially solved, we will see if following generations will think of some other option.

Source – Teslarati

Tesla Model X parabrisas
Tesla Model X parabrisas
Tesla Model X parabrisas