The Tesla Model X production amazes with supercar performance and over 400 km of autonomy

The presentation of Tesla Model X took place last night in the US, but at that time were sleeping, so nothing more awake we start to write to tell you all the details of this super-SUV 100% electric . A SUV that has been in gestation three years since the prototype three years in which the Tesla Model S has used to put the Olympus Tesla Motors electric vehicle is presented. After the sedan, the SUV comes to conquer much of the undecided.

Objective: best SUV world

is already possible to buy a Tesla Model X, but the waiting list is almost a year.

Elon Musk The goal was simple but ambitious: create the best SUV world . It is a SUV luxury, which aims to sweep performance, safety and technology. And believe me it will get, I am convinced after reading all the material published about it. Outwardly, the Tesla Model X has hardly changed with respect to its design concept vehicle presented in 2012. Moreover, cost horrors apart. Only the front is slightly different, more aerodynamic, with an occluded calender.

The wheel arches are framed in dark plastic and is installed behind a diffuser and a spoiler that rises as a function of speed. The 19-inch wheels are very similar to those worn by the Tesla Model S. The interior is very similar to the Model S, in the sense that can carry up to seven passengers in configuration 2 + 3 +2. The team of infotainment and car entire operation is controlled from the huge screen tablet type located in the center console of the car.

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The rear doors detect our presence and open themselves to us.

Of course, we can not forget the spectacular doors type “gull-wing” of the Tesla Model X. Electrically operated, the presence of obstacles detected by ultrasound and will stop if they are going to hit an object. The Tesla Model X also has the largest screen of any production car . A windshield that extends above the heads of the driver and acompa├▒anante, yet offering more visibility and light that DR 5 Opel Astra or those of yesteryear.

to 762 horsepower, all-wheel drive and 413 km of autonomy

The Tesla Model X shares powertrain and batteries with the Tesla Model S. The batteries are located in the double floor of SUV , allowing you to show off the center of gravity segment and according to the American manufacturer informs us, the best dynamic segment – by far. Initially it will be selling two models, a Tesla Model X 90D and Tesla Model X P90D . The first has 524 hp, while the second throws the tremendous number of … with a 762 hp “Ludicrous” mode allowing a strong acceleration.

Its price starts at $ 132,000 for the Tesla Model X P90D Signature Edition.

And so intense we mean: makes the 0 to 96 km / h in just 3.2 seconds , besides being able to reach a top speed of 250 km / h. It weighs 2,470 kg, but its performance is comparable or superior – except in tip – to any other super SUV , is called Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and Bentley Bentayga. I think the Tesla Model X just snatch the title of SUV faster and more powerful. In addition, 100% electric autonomy is 413 km for 90D version and 400 km to the P90D . The figures have not yet been approved.

The SUV safer world?

The Tesla Model X claims to be the world’s safest car . Elon Musk says you get the best possible score on all crash tests to be subjected to and also has a integrated biological attack defense . How? Using high-tech filters and isolation, Tesla claims that even an attack with biochemical weapons affect us. And in fact, you can activate this mode of defense in the HVAC settings. Now that leaves us speechless.

Already on sale from $ 132,000 – Range Rover price LWB or Porsche Cayenne Turbo – with the price of top model exceeding $ 142,000

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