The Tesla Model X was presented officially


Tesla’s first SUV was officially launched in the United States. This is the Tesla Model X, which uses two electric motors that produce 760 hp and an entry price of $ 132,000.


Tesla-Model-X-3 F inally the first SUV Tesla was he formally submitted after its debut occurred in 2012. Prototype This is the Model X , an electric SUV, whose main aesthetic virtues are its doors with openings gullwing type, with an almost surgical and loaded with technological developments appearance.

technology stands out, present in their ultrasonic sensors that can detect nearby objects. This system allows the doors open automatically when the driver approaches the car and calculates the distance to objects outside to prevent such that their huge hit against something doors open.


760 hp electric motor and performance supercar for the Tesla Model X.

The interior has a lot of what we have seen in the Model S, and includes an infotainment system with a large central screen and air conditioning system with a filter that achieves prevent bacteria and viruses entering into the vehicle .

Inside the Tesla Model X is no space to carry up to seven passengers in three rows of seats, while offering plenty of space for luggage. Moreover, as if this were not enough, you can tow up to 2,268 kg and be able to speed d and 0-100 kph in 3.2 seconds .

weighs 2,468 kilograms and uses a motor on each axis, with a total of 760 horses and use a 90 kWh battery that allows you to overcome 400 km of autonomy a full face. It also has air suspension with five different settings, with up to 230 mm of clearance and automated parking system, among others.

Nothing only have prices for the United States, where the Tesla Model X will be marketed from the $ 132,000 to version P90D Signature Series equipped with 90kWh battery while the package ‘Ludicrous Speed ​​Package’ price rises to $ 142,000.




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