The Tesla work without a key, but you can leave pulled if there is no mobile coverage


The Model S Ryan in the Nevada desert.

The users of Tesla have been one of the first in the market to take advantage of many features, such as the app of the brand, that allows the user to control many features remotely, how to operate the systems of air conditioning and adjust the temperature of the vehicle before we get to the.

In the same manner, this app allows us to access the vehicle without a key and start it, using only our smartphone. So that we can even allow ourselves the key at home. And that is precisely what happened to the protagonist of this story, he left home with only their smartphone, leaving the key behind.

as account on your page of Instagram, Ryan out of the house just to take a stroll through the Nevada desert to take some pictures of the snow-capped peaks, and only 6 miles away from home, less than 10 kilometres away, decided to turn back, but not before leaving a moment of the vehicle.


As we said, the app Tesla is very practical, but provided there is mobile coverage, both for the own smartphone to the vehicle. Because without coverage, it is as if you didn’t have anything.

At that time, in the middle of the desert, Ryan doesn’t have, so that could not access the application, and therefore also to the vehicle, and much less pull it off. Having the key would not have been a problem, but this was in his home, less than 10 miles away.

The solution was very simple, his wife had to walk about two miles, about 3.2 kms, until he found cover and was able to call someone to come out to your house to collect the keys and the reach. Because remember, even though the smartphone has coverage, if the vehicle does not have also does not work. This is a detail without importance, but crucial, not left the key behind never in any class of travel, short or long, seems to be the only solution.