The test of the Toyota Yaris WRC will begin in march


The Monte carlo Rally has been the starting point to the season 2016 of the World Rally, and few have have been reluctant to go to one of the most charismatic of the calendar. Sébastien Loeb gave a ‘walk’ in a helicopter to see the action live, while the makers of Toyota have also been allowed to see by the Park Assistance. With the goal of being in contact with the championship, and even assess potential hires, Tommi Mäkinen and Jarno Lehtinen have made act of presence. This has served to confirm that the calendar provided by the team in a good way.

In this way, Tommi Makinen has confirmed that the test of the new Yaris WRC will begin in the month of march, though the pattern of the team Toyota Gazoo Racing has not wanted to give more details about it. In fact, the ex-pilot suomi has left in the air the scene where will carry out these first tests of the new prototype, and even the identity of the pilot who will be their commanders. In this aspect, the options are limited and as the Jarno Lehtinen recognizes only Mikko Hirvonen and Juho Hänninen are the test riders available.

with Regard to the development of the new Toyota Yaris WRC 2017, everything is in order. Lethninen has explained that the Computer-aided Design (CAD) has been completed and is building the first chassis for the first prototype. The japanese firm will be the first brand that has a model exclusively designed under the technical regulations of 2017, although Volkswagen has already done testing with some aerodynamic components are adapted to the current car. In any case, the work in the team headquarters in Jyväskyla is intense and the personal computer, encryption, already in 40 people do not have time for the rest.