The 'the slow zone' generates great controversy in the DTM


Most of the categories have been adopted in the last
year an alternative system to the Safety Car to boost the careers in cases
very concrete, so as to avoid repeated appearances of this vehicle.
Known by names such as ‘Slow Zone’, ‘Full Course Yellow’ or
‘Virtual Safety Car’, this system guideline of a maximum speed in a sector or in
the full track before a possible situation of danger. In the case of the
DTM the ‘Slow Zone’ restricted to 80 km/h the circulation of the competitors
. Without
however, the system used by the German Championship of passenger Cars is in

Zandvoort has left big careers, but also a great
controversy surrounding the ‘Slow Zone’
. The margin of the technical problem that prevented
to all the drivers activate the DRS for the second race, in the first
manga Edo Mortara and Nico Muller were fined for exceeding the speed
of 80 km/h ‘Slow Zone’
caused by the accident of the brazilian Augusto
Farfus. However, the telemetry provided by Audi Sport showed discrepancies with the data Stewards, what with almost all
security assumes that the sanction applied to the two pilots was wrong.

This error has been for Edo Mortara the loss of the
least eight points
, a setback remarkable in his fight for the title. Before this
situation, Dieter Gass as head of Audi in the DTM has been claimed to
‘TouringCarTimes’, visibly upset: “it Is difficult this situation,
but we have had to accept the decision. Edo stated by the
radio immediately that he had done nothing wrong
. We have to ensure that this does not re –
to occur in the future. t the end of the day there is no more to accept this
because you can’t disobey the Drive Through since the pilot
would finish his career with black flag”.