The third generation of the Kia Ceed has already been revealed!

From several weeks ago, we are looking forward to the arrival of the Geneva, as it will bring a large number of novelties. One of them has been unveiled a few hours ago, and it is neither more nor less than the third generation of the Kia Ceed that, as we told you a few days ago, it changes its name “cee’d” used in the first two generations by “Ceed”; with the objective of conveying an image more european.

And is that Kia is no longer or much less that brand of qualities that left something to be desired, but a company that is putting in serious trouble to the traditional european brands; and if not, look at the Kia Stinger. Designed and manufactured in Europe by europeans and for europeans, the third generation of the compact south Korean sample more mature, sporty and stylish than ever, while it will not reach to the Spanish market until this summer.

exterior Design

In the first place, it should be noted that the new model slightly changes the proportions relative to its predecessor, but retains the wheelbase of 2,65 meters. Having been developed on the new platform, K2, measured 4,31 meters long, 1.80 wide (+ 2 cm) and 1,47 high (-2,3 cm). The front overhang has been shortened, while the rear has been elongated. For its part, the trunk grows a few litres to get to the 395 litres cubicaje.

With a clear sculpture of a compact model, the Kia Ceed has opted for a lines of design is very sporty and the front-end, with identity. To do this, the design team has resorted to the well-known grill “tiger-nose” with contoured chrome, but marking each item. We can look at the nerves of his hood, in the characteristic headlights, the antinieblas integrated in a surface and tagged air inlets or in the forms sports of the lower part of the bumper.

The profile back allows us to intuit that, despite conveying a high sense of sportsmanship by the shapes that draw the pillar back and the shapes of the windows, , there will be space for the head in the second row of seats well, if we look closely, the shape of the roof is practically flat until you have come up with the subtle spoiler. Already behind we receive a few pilots led new design, a gate tension lines horizontal and a bumper with very bulky with marked forms in its lower area, hosting a party in the dark shade by way of a diffuser.


The impression that conveys to us the cabin in these early images is not as dynamic as the exterior design. However, the brand guarantees that this new Kia Ceed has used higher quality materials that in its predecessors, using a design that is more horizontal that always helps transmit more feeling of space. In the dashboard, in the central zone, we have a touch screen floating 8-inch, that is to say, it is not integrated with the lines of the dashboard, but it improves your visibility. Kia says that customers will be able to choose between different upholstery fabric, synthetic leather or natural leather.

The Kia Ceed is now offering, in addition to a luggage compartment more spacious, a more space for the shoulders in the squares later, more head room in the front and a driving position slightly lower.

and Dynamic mechanical

The brand has commented that the Kia Ceed has also been to point to dynamically taking into account the tastes of european, as they have done with the design. Therefore, they say they have fine-tuned the features of comfort and stability, surpassing in comfort and driving pleasure to its predecessor after you tweak the steering, and suspension; a suspension which, incidentally, is completely independent. The compact asia will have a Drive Mode Select so that the driver can choose the driving mode that you really want in each moment.

In terms of engines, at least to your arrival, it will be available with the petrol engines T-GDI 1.0 (three cylinder) and 1.4 T-GDI (four-cylinder) gasoline, being both supercharged and paying 120 and 140 HP respectively. In addition, a 1.4 MPI maximum power of 100 HP will be offered as a version of access. The range diesel will be the engine 1.6 CRDi -shared, as in previous years, with Hyundai – to be offered in versions of 115 and 136 HP. Regarding the gearboxes, they will all be associated to a manual gearbox of six marches, being able to choose the dual-clutch seven-speed in the 1.4 T-GDI and 1.6 CRDi.

security Technologies for the Kia Ceed

As could not be otherwise, the Kia Ceed will also feature a good number of technologies and systems of driving aids and safety. Among others we can highlight, in addition to seven airbags, lights, long, automatic, warning of unintended lane departure with action in the direction, warning of frontal collision and emergency braking.

The Ceed will be a pioneer in the brand with a driving technology autonomous of level 2, as is the attendance tracking lane in situations of heavy traffic. There is no lack of the usual adaptive cruise control, sensor dead angle or automatic parking.

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