The three factors that make the Hyundai Tucson a bestseller

Hyundai Tucson Hyundai Tucson came a few months ago to improve the success enjoyed by its predecessor.With the Hyundai ix35 the hyundai brand gave a blow on the table, presenting a product with some qualities not seen before within the brand and conquering a large number of customers, to become one of the SUV’s favorites of the spaniards and europeans.

The Hyundai Tucson has won the public even more than the ix35. But that success is neither casual, nor is it a fashion. Hyundai has managed to play well your cards with the Tucson, this being an SUV segment C is based on three pillars such as the design, equipment and a wide range of engines that give as a result a very interesting product.


Hyundai TucsonIf the packaging is studied in marketing and is given so much importance to a wrapper that is going to end up in the trash, to the design of a car is given the utmost importance. The first thing you have to do is enter by the eyes, something the Hyundai Tucson achieves thanks to his language framed within the philosophy of design Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 Hyundai. The koreans have managed to create an SUV with a very attractive design and modern, especially in the equipment of high-end alloy wheels of 19″.

His body muscled and much better provided than that of the ix35 makes you win integers. In addition, it is accompanied by a inside, with a presentation much more careful in terms of materials and higher quality settings, despite the fact that the design of the dashboard is not as innovative as that of his body.

The equipment

Hyundai TucsonIn a few years we have seen a great evolution within Hyundai, from to offer car simple with the equipment basic to be one of the manufacturers general practitioners who more equips their cars. The Hyundai Tucson features a number of finishes enclosed, with very few optional, but allow you to achieve a level of equipment that many of your materials may not reach, while maintaining a good relationship quality-price-equipment. Even the spare wheel include alloy wheel of the same size and design as the rest!

In terms of comfort we find classic elements like the climate control bizona, the rear view mirror, anti-glare, rain sensors and lights or the mirrors folding electrically, although stands out from the competition by offering other items like front seats and rear heated, ventilated front seats, steering wheel heated, or electric parking brake.

But without a doubt, the greatest jump has been experienced in safety equipment, incorporating detector and wizard of involuntary change of lane, detector dead corners, braking, automatic emergency control of descents, parking sensors front and rear and parking camera.

The range of engines

Hyundai Tucson T-GDito be able To adapt to the greater number of customers, Hyundai sells the Tucson with engines, gasoline and diesel, you can choose between gearboxes-manual, automatic or dual-clutch, as well as front-wheel drive or total. Very few rivals offer as much variety as the Hyundai Tucson.

gasoline gives the engine 1.6 GDi 132 HP, always with a change to a six-speed manual and front-wheel drive. Reserved to finish highest is the 1.6 T-GDi of 177 HP with traction 4×4 and an automatic gearbox double-clutch seven relations.

The offer diesel starts with the 1.7 CRDi 115 HP, with manual gearbox and traction simple, and there is also this engine with 141 HP and gearbox double-clutch seven relations. Anyone looking for more power will find the 2.0 CRDi 136 HP 4×2 and 4×4, the latter with possibility of automatic change. Supply diesel the rounds the 2.0 184 CV with automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

The engine range of the compact SUV, one of the most spacious in the segment, is now extended with the dynamic engine diesel turbo 1.7 liters and 141 HP. In combination with the efficient transmission of dual-clutch seven-speed (7DCT), and front-wheel drive, emits only 129 g CO2 and consumes 4.9 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers (combined cycle).

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