The three offenses detected by the DGT last week are…

from 19 to 25 October, the DGT launched a campaign of surveillance of the driving on Spanish roads. The traffic officers were controlled by close to 500,000 vehicles, of which 27.370 were reported for committing various offences. Of multiple penalties, three were the most repeated; excessive rate of speed, move without the seat belt and lack of maintenance of the vehicle.


only the 5,15% of drivers monitored was sanctioned

Spain has a pending matter with speed limits. In the midst of the debate about whether to upload or not to the limits, and with the new margins of speed cameras, many spaniards are caught driving at speeds higher than what is legal. During the last week 16.564 drivers were fined for this reason. 13% of them were interceptandos exceeding 20 Km/h the limits, they are considered serious penalties.

it’s hard to imagine that even today someone can circulate without the seat belt fastened, but the truth is that it is the second-most sanctioned in our country. Of the more than 27,000 drivers sanctioned in a week, 1.349 of them were charged for not wearing a belt. At this point there is talk of the 57 riders who were discovered driving without the helmet, a figure that really has no explanation.

Worse is that 81 drivers have been fined for carrying a child without the appropriate child restraint system. Last October 1 came into force the new law which belongs to the children. It has become more restrictive, and forces those children below the 1,35 metre in height travelling in the rear of the vehicle.

finally, the maintenance of the vehicle is located as the third offense longer detected by the traffic officers of the DGT. The progressive ageing of the fleet and lack of maintenance can lead to high-risk situations. Last week 1.324 drivers were intercepted to display their vehicles in a state of danger, of which 67 saw him as their cars were immediately inmovilizados.


The monitoring was carried out both on land and in the air

Although these three acts of negligence have been the most sanctioned, we can also find others such as the abuse of alcohol and banned substances to move without the compulsory documentation, driving while handling a mobile phone or with earphones, and proceed overtaking in illegal situations, or clear and present danger.