The three protagonists of today: Rosberg, Button and Massa

Keke y su hijo Nico Rosberg

Without a doubt the happiest people today was Nico Rosberg, the German has achieved his first world cup and even so, his father Keke Rosberg, who also got a world over his career in the past. Now Nico can breathe a sigh of relief and relax before starting the new season. Surely you are still in shock and not believe it, but with time you will appreciate better what we have achieved today. Hamilton has not been able to repeat, and this time it has been Rosberg who has led the praise.

A final championship F1 2016 very exciting where, although Rosberg had a win, everything could happen and your partner could fish in troubled water, worse things have been seen… Mercedes takes again the world drivers ‘ and the constructors, deserved both. Mercedes has done an extraordinary job with the car these past few years and have washed away, with a car that is likely to be the best of the history in when domain. Also their riders have done good things to deserve what has been achieved.

Rosberg con el trofeo de campeón
Williams de Massa

The other side of the coin, the of a farewell to is always Jenson Button and Felipe Massa. Both riders have decided to retire after this season and today was his last day at the controls of a F1, at least in any official session. Jenson as you know will take on a new role in Woking on which will be the pilot of the simulator. While Massa is removed and still I am not very clear what their future will be, perhaps other competitions or perhaps stop the racing cars. What is certain is that Massa had a abandonment in the Brazilian GP, his home, he did not deserve and Button has had one today…

Great riders are going and great people. Massa has received a gift, the car I drove in Brazil. Williams rewarded well at the end of his career giving him the car. Button it up with an emotive message on social networks with memories to his deceased father:

“I heard that today is a day pretty great for me. Today is the day that I’m going to move up to a Formula 1 car probably for the last time. It has been a event of 17 years! I would like to dedicate a huge thank you to all who have helped and supported you through these years, including my family, friends, team members, fans and last but not least, to my dad, that I hope that we are looking at it with pride. I miss you dad. Since the traffic lights turn off at the beginning of my final race here in Abu Dhabi until the checkered flag, I’ll give you everything and lead with my heart knowing that, no matter what happens today, always will I know that I reached my goal and my dream of becoming a World Champion of Formula 1. I came with dreams and I’m going with memories. #JB22 #Elviajeeslarecompensa”.

Until soon Jenson, until soon Felipe, congratulations to Rosberg…