The times of the Malaysian GP, F1 2017


Sepang is saying goodbye to Formula 1 with the conclusion of the Malaysian Grand Prix this year, but before promises to offer a show of major importance to the development of the championship.

To the forecast of rain that are operating for all days of activity on track, unites the situation of the championship after the victory of Lewis Hamilton and the abandonment of Sebastian Vettel in Singapore, which becomes critical for the situation of the German in the absence of only six runs.

On this occasion, not being a Great Award night, the times of Asia will lead in Spain to enjoy the Grand Prix in the early hours of the morning, while the classification is delayed until 17: 00 local time, allowing it to start two hours later than the race of the day siguiente.

Fecha Sesión Hours Spain (peninsular)
29/09/2017 Free 1 05:00-06:30
29/09/2017 Free 2 09:00-10:30
30/09/2017 Free 3 08:00-09:00
30/09/2017 Clasificación 11:00
01/10/2017 Carrera 09:00