The title race of the WTCC loses contenders


The WTCC and landed in Argentina with seven riders separated by 37 points in a struggle for the leadership that has ever been seen in the contest. Two races later, the Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo has claimed its victims and the fight for the title of the World has been reduced to half. However, with four appointments ahead now there are four riders that are separated by 36 points. While Tiago Monteiro has strengthened its leadership by being the rider that more points has added Argentina, Nicky Catsburg and Rob Huff have been the great defeated.

The weekend began with a great balance of Volvo with the pole of Nicky Catsburg and the triumph of the Swedish brand in the MAC3. However, the script slowly it was twisting to Polestar Cyan Racing. In the first race of the weekend Catsburg had to leave after suffering a puncture. There were better things to Norbert Michelisz with the Honda, since the Hungarian had a touch with Tiago Monteiro that ruled him out of the race. All in all, the Hungarian tidied his weekend with his victory in the main race, while Catsburg could not say the same thing.


The double abandonment of Nicky Catsburg has led the Dutch to be favorite for the title to be 41 points Monteiro after paying the weekend in hot Springs with a balance of five points. Although there are still 240 points in the game, the options Catsburg have been limited to a great extent. A sentiment shared with Rob Huff, any time the british could only add eight points in Argentina. Brake problems before the classification took Huff to classify positions in the backward and in none of the two races was able to survive with the strength.

Rob Huff has added just eight points in Argentina and is 65 points from Monteiro, which nearly ruled out of the fight for the title in the same way that seems to be ruled out Tom Chilton, in this case by not being able to keep up with the pace of the top guys. This leaves a new WTCC in which Tiago Monteiro, Thed Björk, Norbert Michelisz and Mehdi Bennani compete for the title with a distance between them of 36 units, precisely the number of points that joined Monteiro in Argentina. The next duel will be in China and anything can happen.