The Top Reliable Car Brands

Along with power of sports cars, features and luxury the cars should also be reliable. Gear box, efficient engines and good quality components are just few things that maintain the reliability factor of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not reliable then it could have a very bad impression on the consumers about the brand. It is very important for the car manufacturing brands to maintain the reliability factor in the cars along with adding more features in the cars.

Here are some of the brands which are famous in the world of cars and automobiles.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes is a brand which is known to almost everyone from their childhood days. It is the maker of one of the most famous and fastest cars which are introduced in Need for Speed game play. And hence anyone could easily conclude that Mercedes is famous for sporty cars. But in reality the brand is the perfect combination of luxury cars along with sporty parts. The brand is very famous among public and is known worldwide. The sophistication of the vehicles is the main signature of the brand. Along with the luxurious cars event the small utility vehicles or the SUVs are also very luxurious. It also comes among the most reliable car brands in the world. The reliability is factor is determined by the parking sensor technology. It helps in a great way to the beginner drivers. Cameras, auto brakes and automatic lights are some of the features that the Mercedes cars are enriched with.


The cars made by the Pagani Company are unique. They are specially known for their body designs. The cars models are inspired from the artist Leona do Vinci. The cars are hence have very artistic designs and are very glamorous. The brand is the only one which s not famous for its luxurious looks in the vehicles. The cars are beyond the common term of luxury. They have rather very distinctively aggressive designs. For the brand manufacturing of cars is more than pure business. It is as if an art or experiment. They use a variety of materials to manufacture the cars which are not commonly used by other companies and brands. The uniqueness of the vehicle is due to the set up of each part. The essential interior parts like the engines are set in the middle of the car. Each section of the vehicle is crafted separately in the cars of Pagani which makes them perfect and one of the most reliable car brands.


Bugatti is the brand which has gifted the world with its fast car. Bugati Veyron is the world’s fastest recorded car till now. The brand puts most of the focus on increasing the efficiency of the engine which makes it light weight and equally powerful. Carbon fiber and titanium are materials which are used to make the car. These two components are also the costliest components required to make a car. Hence the car is also one of the most expensive cars in the world. But the money is not wasted. Along with speed and luxurious looks the brand provides high quality security parts for the car for safe ride. Hence Bugatti is one of most reliable car brands.