The 'top ten' historic Emerson Fittipaldi and Sir Jackie Stewart


With the occasion of the Brazilian Grand Prix, penultimate round of the calendar of Formula 1, 2017, these two figures as iconic of the great circus in the ’70s offered its proposals on a table in connection with the Top Ten historical of pilots who have passed at some point by the maximum category of motorsport and have left their mark.

Emerson Fittipaldi

double champion in 1972 and 1974 bet on the reigning world champion, Lewis Hamilton, as well as by Fernando Alonso, as pilots of the grill present that deserve to be on that list. On the other hand established to Juan Manuel Fangio as the best all, who would be with the title in the second season of the Formula 1 in the second campaign since this will start in an official way back in 1950.

In his vision of the order that should follow the pilots on this occasion, Fittipaldi placed the myth of brazilian Ayrton Senna between the first three, while Stewart dropped to the fifth position and even finished behind Alain Prost, his opponent is more immediate in the time that both scarred with their battles so fierce in the pista.

Posición Piloto
Juan Manuel FANGIO
Ayrton SENNA
Fernando ALONSO
10º Lewis HAMILTON

Sir Jackie Stewart

The three-time scottish that used to be displayed from time to time by the paddock of the different circuits that make up the season with his inseparable hat, which led to Tyrrel to the top on two occasions, it came down to Alonso to the last position of the list, both who rescued the figure of Ascari up to the third place.

most notably, within each of the positions, it is the fact that while Fittipaldi yes that was included in your listing, Stewart did not do the same thing with him, but that put Sebastian Vettel ahead of their contemporaries in the pista.

Posición Piloto
Juan Manuel FANGIO
2nd Jim CLARK
3rd Alberto ASCARI
4th Alain PROST
5th Ayrton SENNA
6th Michael SCHUMACHER
7th Sebastian VETTEL
8th Lewis HAMILTON
9th Niki LAUDA
10th Fernando ALONSO