The town halls of Maranello and Fiorano does not want to try out a Ferrari in your city

As you already know, Maranello and Fiorano are two cities in which the history of the supercar Italian is an intrinsic part of their culture and economy. Are two points of pilgrimage for many fans of cars in general or the particular brand. It is in these places where it is possible to enjoy a experience of piloting a Ferrari, with prices that start at about 80 euros for a round 10 minutes in a F430. The mayor of Maranello want to put an end to this type of business. And is about to achieve it.

The neighbors of these two small Italian cities are tired of the noise of the Ferrari and the behavior of some tourists.

Enjoy reasonable or over-exploitation, the ying and the yang that many tourist towns are suffering in their own meats. In Maranello they are accustomed to the thousands and thousands of tourists every year, who come to visit the facilities of Ferrari and test a car, leaving many millions of euros into the municipal coffers. Some neighbors have taken to the consistory abundant complaints, citing that business test-drives of Ferrari don’t let them sleep. The mayor recognises that create problems of cohabitation.


Although just have been no accidents at the expense of this type of business, from time to time crop up to the Internet, documents, graphics drivers a bit… reckless. Be that as it may, the mayor of Maranello – Massimiliano Morini – is determined to do away with this type of business. In the first nine months of this year, have done nothing less than 450 controls traffic to these supercars, with the objective to check that all the documents and legal provisions were in order.

All of the test drives are performed with a professional instructor sitting in the passenger seat.

In the last 5 years, the number of traffic fines has also increased, with 305 citations. The pin end has been an express prohibition in the are limited to two hours per day on test-drives. After Maranello, the city of Fiorano took the exact same measure. The fines for companies that fail to comply with this municipal regulations can reach 2,000 euros. Now, the third fine, they suspends the license of the business for 8 months. The monetary penalty is ridiculous in comparison.


As expected, rental car companies-Ferrari have risen up in arms and have brought the case to court, claiming the freedom of the company. The trial was not successful, and is at the stage of allegations in these moments. Some of these companies – such as Pit Lane Red Passion or Push-Start – have investments of up to 10 cars and installations of considerable size. This measure them leads to bankruptcy, almost safe in a very few months. In his words, “it is like forcing a home meal close to noon.”

a few years Ago my mate Juanma Again proved a Ferrari F430 in one of these establishments. This is his chronicle.

These businesses are the true victims of this measure, have already lost up to 80% of its turnover. The city of Maranello should have focused less dictatorial control of these test-drives. Instead of ban it, you could have geographically limited or set to a schedule more sensible. One thing is clear, this will cause many fewer tourists will leave their money in the region of the supercar, and even will reduce the number of visitors to the Ferrari Museum.

Source: CNBC
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