The toy more versatile: a Ford F-150 for drifting and off-road extreme [video]

A Ford F-150 of the most versatile. So is the beastly pick-up with which the lord has made Vaughn Gittin Jr. Been baptized as Ultimate Funhaver Ford F-150, whose free translation is something like “the manufacturer of fun definitive”. The grace is that it is a vehicle so suitable for drifting as for the off-road end. How is this possible? Among other reasons, thanks to a pneumatic suspension height-adjustable developed by King Shocks. And yes, we have a video to demonstrate its operation.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. it is one of the biggest specialists in drifting and competitions extreme of the planet.

This air suspension accompanied by shock absorbers off-road able to withstand the jumps that this pick-up is able to give. The axes have also been reinforced, particularly the rear which is now courtesy of Currie Enterprises. tires off-road are about Nitto Terra Grappler, which is also the company that sponsors this car. The painting has been covered by a vinyl matte silver, quite discreet and that protects it from the chinazos and bruises of off-roading, along with a fender size XXL. Very appropriate.

The exhaust-Magnaflow, a roll cage and bacquéts put an end to the mechanical modifications. engine 3.5 V6 EcoBoost 365 HP is of series – you may have a few HP more thanks to the escape – and do not receive changes the automatic gearbox of six relations. The chassis has also received reinforcements. These wheels are green and the front lighting in the same tone, put the icing on a cake of what is most attractive. You just have to watch the video to see how well it moves this Ford F-150, and how versatile it is. I want one.

Source: Truck Yeah!
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