The Toyota C-HR receives the accessories TRD: searching for the radical and extreme

Although, at the moment are only available in Japan,
the owners of japan’s of a Toyota
have at their disposal the two accessory packages TRD that have
been launched. The guys of TRD
(Toyota Racing Development) offer two alternatives depending on whether we are
we have a tendency to more urban or are more given to enjoy of environments

Toyota C-HR TRD Aggressive Style

Toyota C-HR TRD Aggressive Style.

Under the name “Aggressive Style” and “Extreme Style“, both packages of improvements allow us to bring the Toyota C-HR at the end of these two concepts. While the design and image of the new C-HR is already characterized by a break with all schemes established by Toyota in the last few years and take a step in a new direction as well as risking much more than what we are accustomed to the japanese manufacturer, with two accessory packages TRD, we will be able to give a “twist” to your image. Well, you said this better, let us enter into details.

package Aggressive Style (unit white) TRD to the C-HR is aimed at lovers of the city, urban environments and, ultimately, to the jungles of asphalt and concrete that have become the great cities in which we live. The body kit with which you can dress up the SUV japanese has been designed taking into consideration the environment in which they live.

Among other elements, has a bumper redesigned, some air inlets of larger size as well as some new side skirts. If we consider the posterior area, in addition to a spoiler of a larger size located in the upper area, it also has added a new diffuser forms a very marked.

Toyota C-HR TRD Extreme Style

Toyota C-HR TRD Extreme Style.

Going to analyze the package Extreme Style unit (yellow), we changed completely from the environment as it has sought to draw out the adventurous spirit that has the Toyota C-HR. For this reason, all of the defenses and elements of bodywork added feature finished in black, which contrasted with the main tone of the exterior. The wheel arches have been widened, add new plastic moldings and some new bottom plates to add a plus of protection.

Both kits of bodywork are complemented with a range of alloy wheels that TRD puts at our disposal as well as a few fender (available in two colors) with the logo of TRD and a new LED lights for daytime running located just below the fog lights.

are There any new developments in the (mechanical? Of time not, so that the features and figures of the hybrid system of the C-HR are still intact.

The package AggressiveStyle of TRD for the Toyota C-HR video.

In this other video we can see the Toyota C-HR attired with the package ExtremeStyle of TRD.