The Toyota Corolla already has half a century of history behind it

Toyota Corolla de primera generaciónto Talk about historical models in the automotive sector is to talk about cars like the model T Ford, the Volkswagen Beetle or the Toyota Corolla. All of them have marked a before and an after in the automotive industry; today, however, we are going to focus on the latter, that meets nothing more and nothing less than fifty years at the foot of the canyon, being one of the hottest cars known all over the world.

Fifty years have now passed since that unveiling, in Japan, the first generation of the Toyota Corolla. Since 1966, we have enjoyed eleven generations of the compact japanese who came as “the car for all” and that has helped Toyota to be so well known by all corners of the world. The endorsement of the Corolla are the more than 44 million units produced in 16 factories and sold in 150 countries around the world.

Toyota Corolla de octava generaciónThe idea of the designers when creating the Toyota Corolla was similar to that in their day were the aforementioned Volkswagen Beetle or even the Seat 600: A car economical, but reliable and durable. The difference of the Corolla is that, in addition to that, it was a vehicle with high quality manufacturing and technologies (taking into account the time). Two important features were the position of the shifter on the floor instead of the usual levers that stood out from the dashboard, and the use of a front suspension McPherson, which was not something usual at the time.

The Toyota Corolla, helped the brand to multiply its production in a very short time. Proof of this is that in 1965 the japanese manufacturer produced some of 480,000 units per year, and in 1968 they assemble a total of 1.1 million vehicles. For its part, the Corolla took just three years to position itself as the tourism best-seller in Japan of all time. This great reception in your local market made the brand look for income abroad, and introduced in Europe in 1967, and starting exports to north America in 1968, where it was also very well received.

Toyota Corolla de primera y última generaciónthe years Passed and the generations, and those in charge of design of this well-known model and were able to give the public what they expected of the Toyota Corolla, reinventing itself and offering increasingly more technology and comfort without “cluttering” in excess of its price. In 1997, with more than 22.6 million units sold worldwide, it became the best selling car of all time. Currently, the Corolla has more than 44 million units produced.

The strength of this iconic compact japanese does not cease, and that is that today and since 2002 has manufactured more than a million units a year. The benefit that the Corolla has been given to Toyota is almost incalculable but, for us to get an idea, it is sufficient to say that the 20 % of vehicles produced by Toyota in its almost 80 years of history is a Corolla.