The Toyota Corolla was the most sold worldwide during the first quarter of 2015


The Toyota Corolla started during the first quarter as the best selling car worldwide reaching 312 000 units on a total of more than 22 million units sold worldwide.


Toyota-Corolla-2014-EU-01 L as car sales continue to increase globally by 2015 and aims to position itself as a new record and for the sixth consecutive year.

During the first quarter this year have been sold worldwide more than 22 million units , which means an increase of half a million units compared to the same period the previous year, which equals an increase of 2.5% .

The Toyota Corolla, unbeatable in first place in the world ranking.

During the first three months of 2015 have sold a total of 22,150,000 vehicles , which indicates a projection for the full year could even exceed 90 million units.

In the first place sales worldwide, Toyota Corolla again the undisputed star, with more than 312 000 units sold, achieving an increase in volume sales reaching 9%.

In the second place the Volkswagen Golf, which managed to place on the market on 258 000 units is located managing to turn up 21%, while the podium is completed by the Ford Focus on the third step, a total of more than 214 000 units , but with a drop in sales volume accumulates 17%, always measured in the first three months of the year.

But beyond the top, some models achieved significant increases compared with the same period last year, as is the case Nissan X-Trail who managed to sell 88% more, the Peugeot 308 with a 42% increase or Audi A3 with nearly 40% increase.

Ranking first quarter 2015 global sales

1 Toyota Corolla 312 792
2 Volkswagen Golf 258 989
3 Ford Focus 214 318
4 Ford F-Series 209 241
May Hyundai Elantra 193 014
6 Wuling Hong Guang 189 432
7 Volkswagen Polo 184 168
8 Toyota Camry 181 174
9 Volkswagen Passat 156 151
Honda CR-V 10 153 998





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