The Toyota Etios wins special series in India

Toyota introduced in India a special series of the Etios with its body-two-tone. This is the Etios Liva WILL, in addition, you win some improvements in the interior.

Toyota-Etios-Liva-LEAndl Toyota Etios hatchback, which in India is called Liva, won a special series of sporty character. This is the Etios Liva WILL, a version that is distinguished by its painted body two tone and with some changes also extend to the interior, but without improvement in his mechanics or from the dynamic point of view.

His body is painted red or silver and is complemented with the roof, pillars and rear view mirrors in black color. It also has some additional details, such as your grille in black instead of chrome and new alloy wheels of 10-spoke, 15-inch and finished diamond.

The interior benefits from an audio system equipped with Bluetooth, upholstery-cloth, two-tone appliqué in imitation wood, airbags frontal and front safety belts with pretensioner and limiter force.

there is no modification in the propulsion system, since it uses the same engine 1.2-litre that produces 79 horsepower and 104 Nm of torque, while the model diesel is driven by a drive 1.4 litres which has a power of 67 horsepower with 170 Nm of torque, in both cases associated to a manual transmission of 5 gears.

the price of The Etios Liva WILL in India started in the 576,000 rupees, that is about 8.900 dollars at the current exchange rate.

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