The Toyota FJ Cruiser will no longer be manufactured, and yes, they still sold

Toyota FJ Cruiser Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the suv’s most unique on the market, wanting to evoke the Toyota FJ40. Its unique aesthetic makes it fully recognizable. This model was released in the year 2006 and the united States along with the Middle East, was one of its main. It was not a model designed for Europe, although it is not at all difficult to see a Toyota FJ Cruiser in Spain, since it was imported a few units to Europe in his time.

What many people are probably unaware of, is that the Toyota FJ Cruiser is still made and sold. Despite the fact that it disappeared from the u.s. market by the end of 2013, this suv still sells in Australia, although the low sales make this model to have its days numbered. In the last 18 months sales have dropped 20% and the production of the model will cease in August. The demand no longer justifies its presence in the market.

Toyota FJ CruiserThe Toyota FJ Cruiser is manufactured in Japan from the year 2016, although from the year 2014 only are manufactured units with steering wheel to the right, to the australian market. The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been selling in Australia something more than 5 years, with only 11,000 units sold.One of the advantages of this model were its angles of attack and departure of 36 and 31 degrees respectively, the best of the range of suvs from Toyota.

This suv is equipped with a motor V6 petrol aspirated 4.0-liter engine that delivers 272 HP of power and 380 Nm of maximum torque. The traction is permanent total gearbox and the gearbox is five-speed automatic. Until August the model will continue to be sold in Australia, in a single specification at a price of around 30,000 euros to the current change (47.000 $ australian).

As a curiosity, did you Know that the Toyota FJ Cruiser have two fuel tanks? One has 82-litres and the other 72. You have to give chills to fill those 154 litres of petrol…

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