The Toyota high-performance already are here thanks to the versions GRMN

Who said that Toyota’s are not cars to run? Whoever was the one to think of this not what can say more. After the launch of the Yaris GRMN, it seems that the japanese brand is getting serious with this topic. The cars that you can see in the picture are the Toyota high performance that is going to launch soon. The last name that will receive these models will also be the acronym GRMN and will have more power, modified chassis and much more.

The decision of the japanese brand has been made public today, and will affect models like the Prius, the Prius+, the Lexus RX and other models that are not sold in Spain as the Voxy, the Noah or the Mark X. in Addition to the engine, the parts that will be modified are the brakes, suspension, and exhaust, which will receive an update in line with its new capabilities. The same thing happens with their bodies that will look more aggressive and aerodynamic improvements. But, that will give them the final touch to convert them in almost sports will be the limited slip differential, which will allow them to an important qualitative leap in his behavior.

The nomenclatures of the Toyota high-performance

These sport versions will have its own hierarchy. The top of range are the GRMN, which are the ones that will have the real changes in the engine. Just below will be the GR Sport, the main modifications are in the suspension, and finally the GR, that will have the sporting qualities more modest. The first to receive these versions will be the Yaris, of which we already know the more sporty, and will gradually appear the three nomenclatures for the rest of the models.

however, the already sporty GT86 will be the only model that does not increase power, since it will keep the same maximum torque of the engine of 2.0 liters and four cylinders of the normal version. What you will receive will be an aero kit, enhanced, shock absorbers Sachs, alloy wheels Rays, brake calipers six-piston in front and four in the rear, a new exhaust pipe and a differential type Torsen. In the cabin you will also have modifications with a touch racing as the steering wheel of smaller size and the Recaro seats.

These Toyota high performance will be launched initially in Japan, where the brand is also opening a chain of specialized workshops for versions GR. However, Toyota also plans to bring this offer to other markets. Let us hope that Europe is one of the chosen short or medium term.

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