The Toyota Hilux has received the necessary changes and now it passes the test of a moose

Toyota Hilux prueba del alce

two months Ago we told you that the pick-up most well-known Toyota, the Hilux, I had had some other problem to perform the test to the moose. At that point I managed to overcome it by several problems, among them an incorrect calibration of the stability control ESP and the pressure is incorrect on the wheels at full load. After the result, the engineers of the japanese firm declared that will solve the problem and would pass the test to make sure the improvements applied work to perfection.

Thus it has been, said and done. Responsible for development of the Toyota Hilux have been put to work and have fixed all the critical points and the result has been as expected. The guys at Teknikens Värld have been re-evaluated to the pick-up of the japanese house and in this time has successfully passed the test of a moose. In the video you below you can see the entire process of the test and the evaluations you have made of it Linus Pröjtz, the journalist in charge of its development.

This test is performed in the following way: in the interior of the vehicle’s four occupants and depending on the type of vehicle a given load. In the case of the Toyota Hilux the load has been 800 pounds located in the center of the box. The maneuver is performed at a speed of up to 67 kilometres per hour simulating the dodging of an animal or object that has been presented in the way unexpectedly.

After you troubleshoot the problem Toyota has been somewhat more quiet, as though it may seem silly test of a moose, says a lot about the manufacturing quality of a vehicle. However, the changes that have been applied to overcome the test will only be available in the Hilux double cab sold in Europe. For now it is not expected that the brand make a call to revision to address the problem in units that have been sold, or which incorporate them in other markets.

Source – Teknikens Värld

Toyota Hilux
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