The Toyota Hilux V8s for the Dakar becomes buggy


Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa has done its homework. With a policy that favors in a clear way the buggies in relation to the off-road 4×4, the team of ‘factory’ of the japanese brand has become its iconic Toyota Hilux V8 in a buggy 4×2. A giant step has been created in just months and that in addition to breaking with the philosophy of the history of the computer at the same time allows its pilots choose to fight for all in the Dakar 2017. However, the team will have three crews of luxury commanded by Nasser Al-Attiyah, Giniel De Villiers and Leeroy Poulter.

Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa knew that to fight for the final victory in the next Dakar was a chimera with a 4×4 with the engine’s maximum power and therefore have given their all to change the concept. As well was born in south Africa the Toyota Hilux EVO, model designed and built under the regulations buggy, that supposed to be in front of a vehicle a lot more light which has passed from the 1.915 1,300 kilograms fruit and has a mechanical concept different in almost all the areas of vehicle dynamics.


The V8 engine maximum power will be one of the few ‘snips’ of the Hilux
, although in this case mount flange 38 mm as indicated in regulation
-same for the Mini All4 and the Peugeot 3008, being a propeller
slightly more effective than the turbo of its rivals in the
stages of high altitude. Where it has been completely renovated it is in the
part cycle to be now a model of two-wheel-drive, in this case
the rear. It also has larger tyres (940 mm diameter)
with a system of inflated and deflated from the cockpit and a
suspensions of longer route in a few axles a lot wider

Gazoo Racing has also been strengthened on a sporting level
and will be
three alignments to storm the podium -and, who knows, the victory – in
the next Dakar. As the tip of the spear will be the duo formed by
Nasser Al-Attiyah and Matthieu Baumel
after winning both the World Cup
FIA Rally Cross Country. The pilot qatar, which already should have known
this project changed when the Mini All4 Racing for the Hilux V8,
join to Giniel de Villiers and Dirk Von Zitzewitz, as well as Leeroy Poulter and
Rob Howie
in the official team, leaving Nani Roma in a second