The Toyota Hilux will swallow the proof of the Elk, but the mark will fix it soon

Toyota Hilux prueba del Alce

When the the first generation of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class crashed into the test moose, it was when humanity found out about the type of test that was. This fiasco meant for the signature of the star a call to review for model mass. In addition, after making the appropriate changes in the vehicle, had to demonstrate that it was as safe as the rest of their brethren in range.

After him there were many more models subject to this demanding test. A saved well, other regular and others are wrong. However, the test and those responsible have been taken at some other time a slap on the wrist, because “according to some brands aggrieved” amending certain parameters of the vehicle so that it would be a different reaction in the test that you would have if you had not manipulated these elements.

The boys of the publication Swedish Teknikens Värld put to the test the latest generation of the Toyota Hilux a year ago. This model suspended when they performed this test and the firm’s engineers decided to study what it was that could have happened for this to happen. After the passage of time, the executives of the japanese firm have met with the testers who carried out the above-mentioned manoeuvre, and in this meeting it has been known the following information.

According to this medium, the makers of Toyota they would have decided to implement several changes to the Hilux to make it more secure against this type of situations. The first amendment would do would be to modify the user manuals for to correct the inflation pressures of the tires in terms of total load. The second modification that would be made would be a recalibration of the stability control ESP to intervene before in certain emergency situations.

to carry out these measures, Toyota could make a call to the revision of the Hilux in short time. With this measure, which has not been confirmed by the brand, they would seek to correct the problem of his pick-up. The units that would be affected would be all sold since it was launched to the market, making the number of affected models outside high.

, Teknikens Värld they will resubmit to the Toyota Hilux back to the proof of the elk. We understand that the vehicle that is used now to carry it out will have been corrected and therefore we will know if the announced measures will be effective. Finally, we should mention that the test will be held in march in our country. We expect news to see what happens.

Source – Teknikens Värld

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