The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is still produced, and is not going to go anywhere

In 1984, Toyota replaced its veteran Toyota Land Cruiser 40 with the Land Cruiser 70. Since then, its production has not ceased, and will continue to be sold “as churros” in countries such as Australia, the home of a quarter of a million of these suvs tireless since the mid-80’s. Are true suvs are very popular in emerging areas and especially in continents such as Africa. Toyota has announced that the Land Cruiser 70 will be updated shortly, but under no circumstances are planning their withdrawal from the market.

There are Land Cruiser 70 for long: Toyota is not thinking of replacements, or end-of-production.

The news is picked up by the web of australian Motoring, one of the publications most famous and reputed of our antipodes. This news has been published shortly after the news that the U.S. army has commissioned 556 units of these Land Cruiser, with military readiness – and great off-road capabilities – and bodywork of five doors and pick-up. You might think that during the 32 years that the Land Cruiser 70 has been in production have barely evolved, but you’d be mistaken greatly.

land-cruiser-70-futuro-2In fact, the Land Cruiser 70 for sale in Australia can be ordered with the advanced engine 4.5 V8 D-4D turbodiesel the Land Cruiser 200 used, the less refined and more polluting… less evolved. The modifications that will bring the facelift of this suv is non-combustible are precisely aimed at to reduce their environmental footprint, as well as improve your comfort and safety aboard. This last section has been especially disappointing in recent tests, ANCAP.

Its chassis to increase rigidity, and will be driving more courteous on the road, without losing off-road skills.

The australian agency of accident analysis and crash testing has determined that the protection of the occupants of the Land Cruiser 70 is mediocre, giving it only 3 stars. I believe that in a design of more than 30 years ago is quite an achievement, but Toyota wants to strengthen sections of the chassis and install the curtain airbags to improve the note of the off-road. Also installed knee airbags, as well as controls of traction and stability, cruise control and distribution electronic brake force distribution.

land-cruiser-70-futuro-3You will be able to measure you with other rivals in terms of pollution, thanks to the installation of a particulate filter in your engine, which will also receive new injectors, piezo-electric and improvements in your ECU. It will alter also the developments of the gearbox, in search of a better on-road performance. are you Going to road the Land Cruiser 70 to become the G-Class Toyota? Since then, their reputation, their image and their capabilities to respond up to its reputation. We give ideas…