The Toyota Mirai arrives in Spain, but no, not what you can buy

The Toyota Mirai arrives in Spain, but not, not as you have imagined. Do not start your marketing, do not get to the dealers, you will not be able to buy a Toyota Mirai in Spain, what has brought then Toyota to your car hydrogen? The Toyota Mirai will be the protagonist of the XXI World Congress of the Hydrogen, an event that was celebrated in Zaragoza next week.

Toyota has taken to Zaragoza to four units of the Toyota Mirai at the same time that points to their decision not to market it in Spain for obvious reasons: the lack of infrastructure to recharge, hydrogen.

there are Only 5 service stations with recharge of hydrogen and are out of date, pointing from the brand.

Recall that the Toyota Mirai is presented at the end of 2014 (as MY2015) and has a electric motor 154 horses powered by hydrogen, which is a great advantage in terms of autonomy and respostaje, even to those of a conventional car gasoline (refueling a hydrogen car takes between 3 and 5 minutes).

The Toyota Mirai is already marketed in Japan, united States, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Norway. In addition it is planned to join the Netherlands at the end of 2016.