The Toyota Mirai will come to Sweden and Norway this year

Toyota Mirai producción Toyota Mirai is the bet of future of the brand nippon. Their controversial appearance and a propulsion system a fuel cell or hydrogen (FCV) are his hallmarks. In the past year increased the production of this vehicle due to the high demand that exceeded expectations. This year it will add two countries to the list where he commercialized the Mirai: Norway and Sweden.

little by Little more and more european countries in that we can’t stand a Toyota Mirai. In 2015, this model started to sell in Germany, Uk and Denmark in addition to Belgium which was added at the beginning of 2016. The next step have been these two scandinavian countries, where the marketing will begin this summer, and later will join Netherlands.

Toyota Mirai producciónCurrently in Norway there are only five stations of hydrogen, although it is expected that the number of stations increases up to 20 stations for the year 2020. In Sweden the hydrogen is produced locally and to day of today, with stations in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. In this country also is expected to increase the network of stations in the coming years.

The plan of the japanese manufacturer is to sell 3,000 units the Toyota Mirai at the global level to the year 2017. The total volume would increase to 30,000 units by the end of the decade. An ambitious commitment for the future, that seems to be taking a good pull in countries such as Japan or the united States. Thanks to the fuel cell benefits from a range of close to 500 miles emission free, in addition to a quick recharge time approximately 3 minutes.

Sources – Toyota