The Toyota Prius 2016 also wants to tuning: the body kit of TOM's Racing


From his birth, and going through all its different generations, the Toyota Prius has always stood for a very particular design and full of personality. You may like a lot or a little, but you can not deny that it has its own character and conveys just what I want to represent the model: modernity along with ecology and low power consumption.

Of what cannot be too much doubt is that the look of the Toyota Prius is one of their points of difference, becoming apparent. Now, this nature of hybrid car (which, as we say, is reflected outwardly in your design) does not fit too well if you’re looking for is sportsmanship. To do this there is also a solution, and begin to get the first preparations for the new Toyota Prius 2016.


the question whether the and tuning the Toyota Prius are good companions. What is the point of a mechanical preparation or cosmetic in a model in which everything -from your engine to the aerodynamics – they are designed for a minimum consumption and pollutant emissions? I’m very much afraid that this question would admit many answers and nuances, but in any case, the new Prius begins to receive its first preparations tuning.

Toyota will have original accessories TRD for Prius 2016, but there will also be offer by a third party. TOM’s Racing has been one of the early risers, featuring a customization in the form of aerodynamic kit for your body. There are No mechanical changes, so that the hybrid engine of 122 HP continues intact, limited to aesthetic modifications.


With a style more sporty and aggressive, allows you to choose between two spoiler different for the lower area of your front bumper, along with a new rear diffuser, side skirts, suspension-lowered, and alloy wheels multirradio.

TOM’s Racing also offers two designs of quad-outlet exhaust rear (one of them finished in blue, combining with the logo of Toyota), and this is the detail that most of thumping here: in a car that seeks to emit the smallest possible amount of gaseous pollutants and can even run as a purely electric, it may not make sense to give so much prominence to their escapes…