The Toyota Prius will be offered with two batteries different, and you should not even realize

a few days Ago we talked about the new Toyota Prius. Its fourth generation has just been filed, and Europe is announces an average consumption approved simply spectacular: 3,0 l/100 km. Level of emissions of 70 grams of CO2 per mile is the lowest ever recorded in a hybrid conventional. In the technical article that we have published few days ago we were talking of your new battery pack nickel hydride (NiMH) batteries, but ignored them some versions will have a battery of lithium-ion. Why?

Toyota has announced that production cost, size and performance of the batteries is almost identical.

apparently, the two batteries occupy a similar volume and have both a voltage as a capacity practically identical. The difference is that the lithium ion battery that is 16 kilograms lighter the battery of nickel hydride. This disparity is due to the lithium ion battery only has 56 cells, compared to the 168 cell NiMh battery traditional. The lithium battery will be of series in the finishes highest in the Prius, to compensate for the added weight of the larger amount of equipment.


Have the Prius you have, you should not notice any difference in the functioning of the two batteries. It will help the consumption approved of the latest version equipped is equal, the to compensate with their lower mass the weight of all equipment added: think solar roofs, sound equipment, heated seats, etc, Toyota has not yet announced the range final to Spain, nor the equipment, but it is expected that the Prius fourth generation boot in around 24,000 euros in our market.

Source: ANE
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