The Toyota RAV4 is renewed for full image more all-terrain

The new generation Toyota RAV4 is one of the more important presentations that are taking place in the Auto show New York, which opens today his day of press, because it is a global model with a large number of sales all around the world. As you can see in the images, the generational changes it completely, with an aesthetic much more offroad, and making use of a new platform.

While most of the manufacturers bet by aesthetic more urban, the compact SUV japanese has preferred to bet on the image of the whole way pure that I enjoyed years ago. If you look carefully in your design. Combines technological features with very straight lines and angular, dominated by strong nerves and tension hardy forms tucked inside a marked protections lower. In any case, the Toyota RAV4 will keep on enjoying the ever eco-friendly hybrid drive system.

As we said, the Toyota RAV4 today presented is a completely new model that now uses the platform TNGA, which has allowed it to increase its width, and your battle, keeping practically unchanged the total distance of the body. In this way it has managed to obtain a more spacious interior and reducing the cantilever, improving the habitability and also their angles of entry and exit for driving out of asphalt. Thus, the new Toyota RAV4 has dimensions of 4.6 metres long, of 1.85 wide and 1.7 high, with a battle to 2.69 meters.

Although they have not yet been made official mechanics for the european market, we already know that in America the Toyota RAV4 have an engine 2.5 VVT-iE tetracilíndrico with gearbox automatic 8-speed transmission. The mechanical hybrid there is available also a four-cylinder engine 2.5 litres that, equally, it will be attached to an automatic gearbox although in this case it will be an E-CVT. According to Toyota, the efficiency of this composite propellant will be 41 %. On the other hand, both variants may be linked to a traction system 4×4.

The Toyota RAV4 will start its marketing for the americas at the end of this year to 2018, while we will have to wait a few more months, probably at the beginning of 2019, for which the compact SUV japanese boot sales , in Europe.

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