The Toyota S-FR could get a turbocharged 1.2 with 115 hp

The Toyota SF-R production could use a turbocharged 1.2-liter for Europe and the united States. This is a powertrain derived from the one used by the Auris in europe.

Toyota-S-FRPoco will gradually get to know more details about the product that Toyota prepares to compete against the Mazda MX-5. It is a sporty rear-wheel-drive it will be based on the prototype S-FR presented a short time ago.

although it was known that the Toyota S-FR would use a motor-aspirated 1.5 liter displacement derived from the Corolla japanese, what is certain is that the propeller would be the one chosen for that market.

however, according to the information gathered by on the basis of the statements of one of the engineers of engine plants of Toyota, the engine 1.2-liter turbo used by the Auris european, would be the chosen alternative for the life of the Toyota S-FR in Europe and other markets, such as united States, where you will probably be marketed under the brand Scion.

The engine whose name is 8NR-FTS is a four-cylinder engine that is currently being developed to suit a wide range of vehicles from the japanese brand. The propeller develops 115 horses of force at 5,200 rpm with 185 Nm obtained at 1,500 rpm, although it is not known if that will be the power which will render in the small marina. However with a weight below 1,000 kilograms, the small thruster could be enough to move the S-FR with agility.

But the small roadster will not be the only model to benefit from this propellant, since it could be used to give life to a small SUV based on the prototype C-HR, which will have its debut as a production model in the Geneva motor show that will take place next march.