The Toyota S-FR is still willing to get to production… and you could do it with the engine in the Auris 120T

In Toyota seem more than willing to carry production to Toyota S-FR, the small coupe concept that the firm was presented to us at the Hall of Tokyo 2015. Now, in a statement to Motoring, responsible of the mark points us to even the possible engine that could be the production version.

As he pointed out, an engineer from the firm to Motoring the engine 1.2 Turbo would have been developed also thinking of its possible use in cars, rear-wheel-drive.

From the own firm are expanding in to add fuel to the fire of a rumor mill that put already, since its launch, this car on the streets. The last intervention has been an engineer of the firm, a “high responsible” according to Motoring, which has been pointed out already by petrol engine 1.2 turbo Toyota Auris 120T as the mechanics in charge of giving life to this little sport.

This propellant would develop a power of 120 hp to the rear axle, with a pair of 185 Nm. Figures understated by today’s standards, yes… but perfect for a light car willing to give us sensations more than the numbers of vertigo in the 0 to 100 km/h.

If we attend to its appearance we can expect that there will be a few changes to your arrival to production, both in its exterior and in its cabin.

in the face Of a hypothetical marketing we must take into account that will be positioned a rung below the Toyota GT 86, that with 200 horses from 32.300 € . In addition, we must also have in mind that the Mazda MX-5 with 131 horses from 25,000 euros (without discounts).