The Toyota Supra 2018 begins to show their true forms


Body over worked in place of the panels generic showed above.

We have returned to capture a mule testing the new Toyota Supra, units employed exclusively for the development of the technical section of the model, which for the moment is doing in Germany, from the hand of BMW.

As a block of clay in the hands of a sculptor, these mules testing are acquiring little by little the ways definitive of the new japanese sports. The development of the model runs parallel to that of the new BMW Z5, with which it will share chassis and probably mechanical, so it is not surprising that in this phase of the project, both prototypes employ similar elements. As when we find a dashboard that clearly from the German mark in one of the mules initials of the Above.

If those first mules had a body composed by panels essentially flat, without any way, this new prototype hunted already begins to show the first traits definitive of the model, showing large differences with respect to previous units.


Its size appears to be similar to that of previous generations of the model, perhaps something more short.

In the front we find the visible bulge that crown the knoll, but on this occasion the reading of the front bumper is something different, with some air inlets of larger size and rounded-out with other lines. In the side area is where we find the greatest number of novelties, as that taking a look in depth to appreciate new forms and volumes, not previously seen in other prototypes of the model.

After the step of wheel front we discovered a remarkable bas-relief that brand the entire door. This way, it extends all around the side, until you reach the rear wheel arch, marking their volume even more.

The optical groups seem to remain provisional, however, by studying your rear we’ve also found ways that are more sculpted and worked. In addition to culminate in a spoiler fixed more pronounced.


In the rear spoiler fixed more pronounced.

broadly speaking, these prototypes of the Above are acquiring some
traits already seen in the prototype FT-1
presented a few years ago. Though
it is still early to say that we will find the complete design of the
FT-1 the new Supra, it is patent that has been the object of
inspiration, both in its proportions and general shapes, as in
some details and features.

Your presentation should be in some time in 2017 or 2018, as its arrival to the market is set for 2018. Your manufacturing will be in Austria within the facilities of Magna Steyr, sharing the floor with the future BMW Z5.