The Toyota Supra is getting closer and the world of the engine goes crazy (and with good reason)

we are All looking forward to the return of the Toyota Supra. For sample it is enough to observe the commotion caused in the last few days. And has not happened great thing, unless you want to give it more importance than it has the fact that Toyota has been registered in Europe, the name Toyota Supra in the office of intellectual property protection. As with patents, the manufacturers often register different names and appellations. That means that the brand has a certain interest in that name, and that that emblem could end up on the trunk lid of one of those cars. But much less could we ensure that it is a sign that the return of the Toyota Supra is guaranteed. In any case, is there room for hope? Yes, there are.

Toyota and BMW are two strategic partners whose agreements have left us, among other things, with a diesel engine 1.6-litre shared, although with subtle differences in their technology, between the two manufacturers. Let’s say that this agreement has been made for the mainstream, for the product of volume, reinforcing one of the fundamental parts of the strategy Toyota. But what about the product more passionate?

Toyota and BMW are working on the development of a new sports. The data that we have regarding this are very limited, and time to talk about the ToyoBMW as a Toyota Supra is premature. But it is an option that we should never rule out. Especially after having known, thanks to the forum SupraMKV, the registration of his name in Europe.


This sport would use a common platform, the same will be the germans in your new BMW Z4, and that will allow Toyota to be reconciled with their clients more quemadillos. Do not expect the same sport with two emblems different, as would happen with the Toyota GT 86 and the Subaru BRZ. In this case we would be faced with two sports very different, in terms of aesthetics, and probably in her character. What we don’t know is if they will be so different in their technology.

The last news we had about this car was that will be manufactured in the factory of Magna Steyr, in Austria, with whom he would have already signed an agreement to produce 60,000 units per year (Automotive News). And honestly it all fits together. Magna Steyr is one of the manufacturers, renowned in the automotive industry, able to produce with warranties products as varied as a Mini, a Mercedes G-Class and Aston Martin Rapide.

Many manufacturers have turned to Magna Steyr in the past few years, especially when it came to innovative models, or limited volume. Often the movement more profitable for a manufacturer is to delegate the production of this product from an external manufacturer, and that Magna Steyr has played a key role in producing the aluminum hull of the Mercedes SLS AMG, Peugeot RCZ, Aston Martin Rapide, and many others, among which is still the Mercedes G-Class and the MINI Countryman and MINI Paceman. Magna Steyr has already produced more than 500,000 MINI.


What is important, in our judgment, is that you call Toyota Supra, or not, BMW and Toyota are working on something big. In a product that probably will surprise us. And in a product that is likely to become our next object of desire.