The Toyota Yaris argentine is already on sale and no, it is not like the european

Toyota YarisTo close a week full of news and updates I would like to bring an example of how globalization makes two completely different products share the name and even philosophy. In this case I want to bring in the new Toyota Yaris. No, do not be alarmed, this model is not the one that is manufactured in Europe and sold in Europe and the united States. This Yaris is exclusive to the markets of the Mercosur and in these days is put up for sale in Argentina.

Our Toyota Yaris is a city of the most coquettish and technology of the market, however for other markets, Toyota has created a Yaris with other features technicalas. The model destined for the argentine market is a derivative of the Toyota Etios, as it uses the same platform and various components. This vehicle was initially developed for China and Thailand, however, the managers of the brand decided that it could also be exported to the Mercosur.

Toyota Yaris traseraAs you can see, nor in design or appearance, it has nothing to do with our Yaris. This model stands out by a lines simplest to the pair that is functional. Both your headlights front and rear have a design that is more risky than the european model. However, yes, I saved a small detail aesthetic with the model that we know in Spain. This is the C-pillar painted in black color to create the impression of a floating roof.

Toyota Yaris interiorwith Respect to its interior design there it jumps to the view of what market is targeted this Toyota Yaris. There is nothing like our or forms or qualities. The view jumps to your dashboard abuses of hard plastics. However, to their credit we must say that the settings seem to be correct. The designers have created a cabin functional and without frills in order to reduce costs.

however, where the mark has not been spared (unlike other competitors) is in the safety elements. The Yaris argentine will of series ABS brakes with EBD, front airbags and ISOFIX for the seats of the niñoas. As elements of comfort do not forget the air conditioning, the central locking and a touch-screen seven-inch with CD, MP3 and Bluetooth.

If we focus on their range mechanics, we should mention that this model is only available with a single powertrain. It is composed by a block gasoline with 1.5 liters, 16 valves and 107 cv. This motorization can only be combined with an automatic change-type CVT, which has seven speeds.

To finish I want to speak to you about your price. The Toyota Yaris argentino in its unique version mechanical and equipment is on sale in Argentina from the 347.000 pesos. And now I ask you, do you know how much is this amount in euros? for neither more nor less than 20.851 euros. What do you think now globalization?

Sources – Toyota

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