The Toyota Yaris diesel says goodbye to the Spanish market

The good sales of the versions equipped with the mechanical 1.5 HSD Hybrid prompted Toyota to stop offering in Spain of the diesel engines in the range of the Yaris.

Toyota-Yaris-1Lor that until a while ago it seemed unthinkable, little by little it is becoming more common. new turbo engines of three cylinders and little displacement, seem to be gaining hold in front of the diesel, to the point that brands like Toyota have decided to remove them from your Spanish offer, in a model such as the urban Yaris.

Toyota Yaris had released then their renewal that occurred in 2014, a new engine 1.0 VVT, a three-cylinder 12v, which reduced the fuel consumption by 35% compared to engine of the same displacement which replaced it.

diesel engine that has ceased to be offered was a 1.4-liter with 90 HP, with a fuel consumption reasonable, but a bit overpriced compared to its competitors. In the case of the Yaris customers opting mostly for the hybrid variant 1.5 HSD Hybrid, a mechanical with excellent energy performance, with a fuel consumption mixed stands at 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres.

Taking into account that Lexus has taken the drastic decision of to completely remove the diesel engines of the Spanish offer, it is expected that the mid-range Toyota continue in Spain the same path set by the Yaris.