The Toyota Yaris GRMN 212-CV presented at the Nürburgring

Toyota has decided to enter for the big door in the world of sport versions with their new Yaris GRMN. The small compact japanese gets 212 CV, all kinds of things that are close to the competition and a design a lot more aggressive than the rest of the versions. The Volkswagen Polo R WRC already has reasons to worry.

we Were many who expected a sports version of the Yaris, since in January the leaders of Toyota announcing their intentions. Well, the time has come and the place has been chosen for the circuit of the Nürburgring, where it has been able to see the GRMN showing what he is capable of.

The model shown on the track has most of its parts camouflaged, but what I do know for sure are all components that make a sports car in its own right. Not only has almost the double of power than a Yaris 110 Active, but has a differential type mechanical Torsen, which significantly improves the traction and the response to a lot of speed.

As you can see in the gallery further down, the Toyota Yaris GRMN also has some high performance brake with ventilated discs 275 mm and front calipers four-piston. A few more pieces that notable to stop a car that weighs only 1.135 kg. In addition, the development team has chosen the tire sport Bridgestone Potenza RE050. But, where perhaps more emphasizes the sportiness of this compact is under the hood, which has a surprise that ally him with muscle cars americans like the Chevrolet Camaro or the Ford Mustang GT.

What does the Yaris GRMN with the muscle cars americans?

The engine of the Yaris GRMN is a 1.8 Dual VVT-iE, whose abbreviation stands for Variable timing Intelligent Valves, which reduces fuel consumption, pollution and vibration. Until there’s nothing to do with the huge engines the americans. It is right next to it where you can see the big compressor manufactured by Magnuson Eaton. A house specializing in systems for boost that works with brands like Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge, to get the most out of their engines. Even has also worked with european brands such as Audi with the RS 5. Thanks to this reaches a speed of 230 km/h electronically limited and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6,3 seconds.

The appearance of Toyota Yaris GRMN will arrive in Spain in January 2018. Should his appearance at the return of the japanese brand to the World Championship of Rallies. Something to note in the future colors chosen for the model, which will be the white, the red and the black. You can also see details such as your huge rear spoiler or the escape optimized to give a sound more sporty. We hope that other brands will be encouraged to follow their example and launch versions as sporting as this.

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