The Toyota Yaris sport would come in to 2017

Toyota Yaris deportivois Not the first time that you speak here of a possible Toyota Yaris sport. It is a reality that increasingly takes more strength, more since Toyota announced its back to the WRC with a Yaris, a car that we have to take party in the street. Now the last statements almost confirmed it. But be careful, you still will have to wait a good while to see it, so until the end of 2016 we do not expect anything.

According to CarAdvice in a statement from the chief of engineers of the division of sports Toyota, need to have on the street a model that is a showcase what they do in competition. And is that Toyota lacks a range of sports in conditions, knowing that you are competing in LeMans or soon will be in the WRC, among others.

Toyota Yaris deportivo

Yaris Hybrid R Concept

The Yaris would be the best option to launch under a name sport that we do not yet know. Would not before 2017, so we are in doubt of whether it is really worth fanning the current model or would be based on the new generation, which should appear at the same time. In any case it would be a rival for models such as the Peugeot 208 GTI or Ford Fiesta ST.

No data but the development of this version would division sports TMG, the same that is in the process of developing the Yaris WRC. The engine is an unknown, but it speaks strongly of a block 1.6 turbo with a capacity of about 200 horses, standing on par with their competitors. This engine would be new development and it is not shocking taking into account that Toyota is going to turbo the 1.2 recent presentation.

As expected, this new Toyota Yaris sport would come with a suit more aggressive and eye-catching, in addition to the improvements relevant to level chassis developed by TMG. It would be, without doubt, an interesting development, although more radical, the Yaris TS, which in other generations came to the european market.

Source – CarAdvice

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