The Toyota Yaris WRC also released a new image


The new technical regulations has allowed for the arrival
of World Rally Cars the most aggressive, fast and effective, but also a
aesthetic renewal for commercial purposes
. And is that in addition to a body
widened or an aerodynamic radical, the different manufacturers has been used for to update the image of their cars. In this way, the Ford Fiesta RS WRC is based on the new generation of the Fiesta, the Hyundai i20 WRC in
the i20 three-door and the Citroen C3 WRC broken with the DS 3 after the
differentiation of the brands of the PSA Group. And the Toyota Yaris WRC will not be

According to ‘Motorsport News’, the Toyota Yaris WRC is designed to
image of a new production model that will hit the market in 2017
. In fact,
the technical Tommi Mäkinen Racing have had in mind the image of this
new version of the Yaris to design their World Rally Car to the express request of
the leaders of the brand
. A small point in a car that exterior
almost looks like a drive of 2015, but that hides an innovative concept and
other than the proposal of the other manufacturers. This includes a new engine
more compact
that allows you to vary the layout of some components.

In spite of everything, the time limits of Toyota have not
and remains the goal of putting into competition two Toyota Yaris WRC
in the appointment of the inaugural 2017, and to incorporate a third unit to the largest
as soon as possible. The options get passed to comply with the
days of tests planned, tests that apurarán up to the same approval.
Less it will take to announce to any of the official riders of the team
out directly from the list of Tommi Mäkinen. In this not figure
Mikko Hirvonen, but the finn will take the Yaris WRC for the first time this