The Toyota Yaris WRC makes its debut on tarmac in Spain


The approval of the new World Rally Car is the
around the corner
and although Toyota Gazoo Racing had completed thousands of miles with the Toyota Yaris WRC on earth, the team led by Tommi
Mäkinen had the task of testing your vehicle on the black
tar. However, the training has put a solution to this fact before the
closeness of the Monte carlo Rally, and the Toyota Yaris WRC has completed their
first kilometers on asphalt
. The test is being developed in the
surroundings of the population of Osana with Tommi Mäkinen behind the wheel.

Catalonia has become the epicenter of the test
the Toyota Gazoo Racing
away from Finland, even to the point of traveling to Spain
on more than one occasion for a test of the Yaris WRC under different circumstances and
in various enclaves of the region. So it has been during the test phase
earth and it seems that the pattern may be repeated now that the Yaris WRC has
made his debut on asphalt. For the moment, the team has chosen the roads in
around Osana
and the farms known as Les Masies de Voltregà to this test, in the old section of ‘The high Chair’.


One of the surprises of this first test of the Yaris WRC on asphalt is that the car has lost the vinyl camouflage that has been worn during each and every one of the tests has done up to now. This allows you to see the ways of the World Rally Car and the actual volume of all of its aerodynamic components. The front and the wheel arches are now more crisp, like the spliter in the front. However, with the simple view does not appear to present large changes to the aerodynamic compared with the Yaris WRC that was used on earth in the pre-test on the Rally RACC Catalunya.

In fact, everything indicates that the aileron, the different airfoils that are drawn after the wheel arches and rear diffuser have not received changes from the last test, although they are now much more visible thanks to the absence of the livery of camouflage. All in all, yes you can see the logical changes that exist in a World Rally Car between your configuration of earth and asphalt, so now we see a Toyota Yaris WRC with a tour of the suspensions smaller and much more close to the ground of what has been until now.

Em iud qui pilotava was the propi Makinen
— Colla Verglas (@CollaVerglas) October 24, 2016